• Ægisgarði 2, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
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101 Harbor Restaurant

Ægisgarði 2, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • 4990 ISK

    Lunch menu 2

    Hægelduð bleikja með reyktu majónesi, rúgbrauði og perlulauk
    Slow cooked arctic char with smoked mayonnaise, rye bread and pearl onions
    Marineruð kjúklingabringa með snöggsteiktu grænmeti og piparsósu
    Marinated breast of chicken with vegetables and pepper sauce
    Kaffi og te
    Coffee or tea included.

  • 2890 ISK

    Hamburger 175gr, muschrooms, sweet onion,fries, your choice of Pepper, Gouda or Blue cheese

    Hamborgari 175gr, sveppir, sætlaukur, franskar og þitt val af Pipar, Gráð eða Gouda ost..

  • 2900 ISK

    Catch of the day, ask the waiter

    Fiskur dagsins, spyrjið þjóninn

  • 3200 ISK

    6. Parma

    Parmaskinka, Klettasalat, Parmesan og ólívu olía
    Parma Ham, Arugula, Parmesan & Olive Oil

  • 1300 ISK

    Grilled lamb with vegetables and fries

    Grillað lamb með grænmeti og frönskum

  • 1890 ISK

    Amaretto panna cotta with almonds and passionfruit sorbet (contains nuts)

    Amaretto panna cotta möndlur, ástaraldin-krapís

Just The Right Food

Considering Sólfells former use, it is appropriate that fresh seafood play a big part on our menu. Other delicious dishes include Icelandic lamb, fish, salads and scrumptious deserts. For those who choose to quench their thirst with more than Icelandic water we offer an impressive list of drinks and coctails Our inexpensive lunch menu is also worth trying and is the perfect choice either before or after whale watching, or following a stroll around the city or the old harbor.

The restaurant 101 Harbor is located down by Reykjavik old harbor

The restaurant 101 Harbor is located down by Reykjavik old harbor, just walking distance of the city center. Our building, named Sólfell, was built in Reykjavik in 1921 for the production of bacalao. Orginally Sólfell stood in a different location but was moved to its current position in 2011 following its renovation. The history of the house, the great view over the harbor, along with the interior decor delivers a special experience for our guests.

Seafood Restaurant By The Old Harbor

At 101 Harbor, we place great importance on friendly atmosphere and good service and the restaurant is equally suited for families as well as groups.

More Dishes

From Our Menu

  • 7800 ISK

    Langoustine in a shell with garlic butter, lemmon, salat and small potatoes

    Leturhumar í skel með hvítlaukssmjöri, sítrónu, salati og kartö u smælki

  • 1300 ISK

    Fried fish with vegetables and fries

    Steiktur fiskur með grænmeti og frönskum

  • 4500 ISK

    16. Humar/LobsterSpicy

    Humar, Jalapeno, Laukur & Klettasalat
    Langustine, Jalapeno, Onion & Arugula

  • 3500 ISK

    9. 101

    Pepperoni, Sveppir, Paprika, Svartar Ólífur, Nautahakk & Rjómaostur
    Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Black Olives, Beef & Cream Cheese

  • 3890 ISK

    Salad with fried langoustine, pomegranate, sweet potatoes and Middle East sauce

    Humarsalat með steiktum humri, granateplum sætum kartöflum og Mið Austur sósu

  • 3200 ISK

    4. MexicanaSpicy

    Pepperoni, Beikon, Jalapeño & Paprika
    Pepperoni, bacon, jalapeño & Bell Peppers

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What Our Clients Say


Nice food, nice place, nice staff

We were here in February after a lengthy sightseeing trip through Reykjavik. The food was great (especially the fish of the day), the location is very nice and the staff were friendly and funny.


Big like to 101 Harbour !!!

We spent a wonderful evening here. Good restaurant with delicious food and a wonderful view at the sea. Recommend the fish (I had cod), lamb and the panna cotta (so yummy!!!).
I really don’t understand how anybody can say that the staff is rude, they were all so friendly! The owner was hilarious – a really nice and funny guy! He gave us a huge discount as one of my companions knew him well.
Big like to 101 Harbour !!! See you next time


Good Food, Good Price

This restaurant was a short walk from my stay at the Icelandair Marina hotel. Food selection, service, and price were excellent. I especially liked their pizza with a Gull draft beer.


We wer really happy we came across this restaurant. A lot of food, beautifull interior and good prices (for iceland). The staff was very professional and polite. Whenever they had nothing to do, they waited on the side to check for any movements; if you need anything they are there for you. Excellent. We had the salmon and a bbq pizza (yes i know). Both were delicious! Only the main course was enough to fill a good appetite! Verry good suggestion!

Stefan O

Great food and service with a nice view. I had dinner here on my first night in Reykjavik and I must admit it was a great choice. I felt right at home. Service was quick and waiters were nice and kind. I had a seafood soup (which was suggested to me) that was one of the best I have ever tasted. Just go, you won’t regret it!

Daniele B